Characteristics of the Silentbox Solo cabin:

Designed for 1 person

External size – 110 x 105 x 220 cm

Choice of color inside and outside

Ventilation module

Network panel: 1 x 220V, 2 usb ports.


Sound insulation – the specific structure of the surface of acoustic materials prevents the propagation of sound of different frequencies, while isolating up to 45dB of noise. Sound insulation
was designed based on the range of 150 – 500 Hz (Hertz). This is the frequency of monotonous office noise.

Ventilation – a modern and innovative ventilation system creates a fresh and pleasant environment for work. The fan renews up to 30 m³ of air per hour, and the design of the ducts eliminates the possibility of stagnation of air and carbon dioxide.

Three-layer triplex (instead of glass) – the cabins use a three-layer triplex, all layers of which have different thicknesses so that there is no resonance at different sound frequencies.

Echo – thanks to the sound-absorbing materials inside the cabin, the echo is effectively extinguished and a comfortable acoustic environment is created.

USB port and socket – inside the cab there is a socket (220V) and a USB port (2.1A), so you can connect to the network all the necessary devices.

LED lighting – the cabin also has an LED lamp with a color temperature of 3500-4500 kelvins, luminous flux 450 Lux.

Smart electronics – thanks to sensors, Silentbox detects when someone is in the cab and automatically turns the ventilation and lighting system on or off.
The switch-on interval is 6-8 minutes.

Options: motion sensor, LED lighting, 220V socket, USBx2, active ventilation with adjustment, inner lining – felt (color on choice), chair with height adjustment.

Production term – 35 days



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