1. Allows you to work in a dynamic position, using the technique of active standing. Smooth rocking when standing on the board creates a light movement that engages the stabilizing muscles of the back, body, legs and ankles during work, study or exercise.

2. The ability to rotate 360 ​​° is ideal for office desks, exercises for stability and balance.

Maintains the activity of your body and mind, increases concentration, increases productivity and prevents pain, fatigue and back pain that occur due to the fact that you stand still for hours at the office desk.

Product features
360 DEGREE ROTATION: 360 degree rotation and tilt up to 8 degrees, great for side-to-side, front-to-back exercises, stretching and even forward movement with the board.
POINTS OF MASSAGE AGAINST FATIGUE – Massage of the area for blood circulation and muscle involvement. These office balancing boards are easy to stand on, and anyone can safely use them with careful balancing movements to avoid stress during the work day.


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