Hand support can eliminate several points at once that provoke painful symptoms.

  • carpal tunnel syndrome (tissue in the carpal tunnel of the wrist swells and compresses the median nerve. This can lead to pain or numbness in the arm)
  • “tennis elbow” syndrome lateral epicondylitis is an enthesopathy (tendon disease) where muscles attach to the lateral epicondyle of the humerus. The disease causes chronic pain in the lateral region of the elbow joint and is considered the main cause of elbow pain
  • overstrain in the muscles of the shoulders, which creates pain and discomfort

The price is for 1 unit.

  • Size: 130×120 mm
  • Base material: aluminum, eco-leather
  • Pad material: genuine leather
  • Number of base colors: 1
  • Number of pad colors: 1
  • Black color
  • Country of origin: Slovenia


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