The Dvary DV-10E model has a maximum number of adjustments – 14! Also, the model is equipped with the A’PAS System – suspension with individual adjustment to the user’s weight.

Adjustment and placement of controls

  • Comfortable headrest S3-modification
    The headrest reduces the stress on the neck and shoulder girdle. With a little effort, it moves forward / backward, up / down (5 fixation points), has a tilt range of 35 °. The headrest cushion has an anatomical shape that follows the sharp curve of the spine.
  • Handles for chair height control on the armrests
    The armrests have levers with which you can adjust the height of the chair and control the suspension that is adaptive to the user’s movements (activation of the swing mode, fixing the backrest tilt at 15 points). • Lumbar support
    The lumbar cushion is adjustable in height in the range of 5 cm, located under the mesh membrane of the back of the chair. Serves to stabilize the lower spine.
  • Height adjustment and swivel armrests
    The armrests are height adjustable, have 6 fixation points, and the angle of inclination in the horizontal plane by 28 ° • Backrest angle
    The tilt angle has 15 positions. With fixed seat, adjustable up to 33 °, with synchronized seat up to 56 °
  • Adjusting the force of pressure on the backrest tilt mechanism
    On the right-hand side under the seat there is a knob with which you can adjust the pressure from 2,000 to 5,000 Newtons.
  • Seat slip adjustment
    There is a “slider” under the seat, with the help of which the seat slides when swinging in the “Sliding” mode, the range of movement forward / backward is 5 sm.
  • Seat hardness adjustment
  • Located under the seat, it has three levels: clockwise – harder, counterclockwise – softer.

Mechanisms and equipment

  • Backrest: The PaddleShiftWireControl mechanism adjusts the angle of the backrest and the force of pressure on the backrest.
  • Sitting: PaddleShiftWireControl mechanism adjusts the seat height.
  • Gas spring: 85mm. Maximum load 250 kg, stroke 8 cm. Reinforced class 4 gas lift (100-200 thousand cycles), made in Korea.
  • Rollers: 35mm. Wheel rolling test 100,000 times. Base: radius 350mm. Aluminum with stiffening ribs with sound-absorbing capsules that remove excess noise when moving.




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