Chair that helps you think. Every detail is thought out in Embody, in it you will forget about discomfort. Embody is a legislator in the world of ergonomic chairs.


  • Configuration
  • Color is black
  • Mechanism – backrest limiter + adjustable seat depth
  • Base color is graphite
  • Frame color – graphite
  • The backrest and seat material are fabric balance
  • Lumbar Support – Adjustable Back Support ™ Backrest + Elastic Support – Pixelated Support Technology ™
  • Armrests – vinyl
  • Wheel – 65mm, for class BB coatings


  • Width, cm 75
  • Height, cm 99-110.5
  • Seat width, cm 54
  • Seat depth, cm 38-45.8
  • Weight, kg 24
  • Herman Miller Embody chair
  • Warranty card for 144 months


The Backfit ™ support system replicates the individual bend of your back, thereby allowing you to distribute body weight across the entire surface of the back and relieve loads from the spine. In the design of the seat and back, specially designed technology of elastic mosaic support Support Technology ™ is used, which allows to distribute the weight of the sitting evenly. The narrow back allows to receive even greater freedom of movement, to stretch out shoulders without any restrictions. Upholstery of a chair is made of strong breathable fabric, consists of a substrate and a mesh surface. The fabric texture is nice to the touch, creates a sense of style and blends perfectly with the overall design philosophy. Adjustable chair with simple and convenient mechanisms. Adjust the height of the armrests by pressing the buttons located on the inner surface of the armrest itself. It is possible to adjust the width of the armrests mechanically, by extending the armrests to the side or by bringing it down to the house. Press the lever lightly to raise or lower the seat surface.


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