Chair for office Herman Miller SAYL provides freedom of movement. The back support of the Y-Tower provides excellent support for the back, while the 3D Intelligent ™ suspension of the soft, frameless and ergonomic SAYL chair creates a balance between support and freedom. Office chair Herman Miller SAYL embodies ergonomics, beautiful and original design, as well as advanced engineering solutions.


  • The mechanism is a limiter of inclination of a seat with adjustment of an angle
  • Base and base of back – black
  • The color of the backrest is black
  • The seat color is black
  • Lumbar Support – Adjustable horizontal Lumbar Pad Lumbar Pad
  • armrests – black
  • Wheel – for BB class coatings


  • Height, cm 92
  • Width, cm 62
  • Length, cm 62
  • Weight, kg 17

Warranty card for 144 months


Designer Yves Béhar, inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge over the Pacific, has taken up designing a chair for furniture company Herman Miller. It was a difficult task for Yves, the new chair was not only to have an original appearance, but also to meet the standards of ergonomics. In profile, the chair is reminiscent of a sail that runs under the Golden Gate Bridge. Changing one letter in the word, Behar came up with the name for his new brainchild – not “sail” but “sayl”.

Using 3D Intelligent ™ technology, SAYL is the first truly frameless chair with backing material. The Y-Tower back support acts as a focal point in the backrest chair, as do the cables that extend from the top of the suspension tower. The 3D Intelligent ™ upholstered armchair balances support and freedom.


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