The 21st century is an era of records. But, unfortunately, not only sports and technical progress, but also very sad. We are all used to doing online. Internet trends are professions that are born every day.

It has become much easier to reveal your talent and thoughts with digitalization. But it has also become easier to start your health. Today, 81% of schoolchildren worldwide suffer from a sedentary lifestyle

Health care is one of the most essential values ​​that parents and caregivers need to instill in their children from an early age. From the cheerfulness and vigor of children depends on their mental development, worldview and belief in their own strength – and hence the quality of all their future lives.

The student’s body does a lot of work every day – not only the eyes, ears and mind work, and the spine strains, so it is important to provide a comfortable learning environment: a well-chosen desk and chair that will make the child want to learn, and most importantly, without harm to health .

A desk that takes into account all the ergonomic and growth characteristics of the child is a guarantee of your child’s health and your direct investment in his future.


Adjustable height – 55 – 83 cm; 65 – 105 cm

Ergonomic tabletop with MDF size 1200x700x19mm

The weight of the table is 48 kg

Load capacity – 80 kg

Noise level – up to 40dB

Lifting mechanism – 1 motor

Time of raising of a table-top to the maximum height – to 20 sec.

Remote control with memory for 4 positions

Mechanical tilt of the tabletop

Magnetic holders of objects on the tabletop

Warranty – 12 months

After the warranty period, we provide service.

Додаткова гарантія

2 years additional warranty, No additional warranty


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